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Cancer News                                                               



New Pancreatic Cancer Treatment, Using Herpes Simplex Virus-Derived 

New Pancreatic Cancer Treatment on the Horizon! Scientists have found a way to use a virus derived from Herpes Simplex to selectively infect and kill cancer cells of the pancreas, without harming healthy cells



Being Overweight, the Main Risk Factor for Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer is a serious deadly disease, preventing it is wisest choice. Obesity and overweight are found to be the main risk factors for Prostate Cancer...



New Cancer Drugs: Effective but Costly

New Cancer Drugs have appeared on the market; they are effective (in the treatment of certain cancers) but costly. Discover what are they and how they can help…  


New Cancer Treatment Method  

This New Cancer Treatment is more effective and causes fewer side effects, according to the researchers. Nanomedicines, nano-sized capsules, attack the cancer cells directly and ... 



Prostate Cancer Prevention through Regular Sex

Prostate Cancer risks can be decreased up to 28% through regular sex or by having more than 20 female sexual partners, new study has revealed



Fasting as and Alternative Cancer Treatment

During fasting , the body loses fat as well as muscle mass. However, the immune system uses proteins to create muscle natural killer cells that fight against tumors and viruses.



Cancer, transplant patients at risk from ordinary viral infections

Cancer patients who has transplant are at more at risk from ordinary viral infections. But these steps can help in...



Vitamin D may prevent or slow the progression of cancer

Vitamin D is found to be able to reduce the risk or cancer and slow the progression of the disease in patient. When considering alternative cancer treatment it is important to...


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